Radicchio and Taleggio Risotto with a Mascarpone Dessert

Radicchio and Taleggio Risotto with a Mascarpone Dessert
Radicchio and Taleggio Risotto with a Mascarpone Dessert
Radicchio and Taleggio Risotto with a Mascarpone Dessert

Radicchio and Taleggio Risotto with a Mascarpone Dessert

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Radicchio and Taleggio Risotto, Mascarpone...

This is elevated Italian comfort food at its best!

What you will learn:

  • Melissa's tips on how to make a delicious risotto
  • A simple salad with arugula and radicchio 
  • Two ways to make mousse al mascarpone (one is without eggs)
  • What to look for when buying ingredients
  • Melissa will share stories about her life in Umbria (Italy) and her style of cooking 
  • You will learn about Umbrian cuisine and culture

What you can expect:

  • Fully Interactive
  • An In My Kitchen moderator will join your Host online to ensure you have a smooth experience.
  • Ask as many questions as you like!
  • Risotto al radicchio e taleggio

    I love this risotto, particularly in the winter when radicchio is in season. There are many different types of radicchio, but the one we most commonly see here in Canada, unless your nonna is growing it, is radicchio di Chioggia, that deep, purple-red ball of tightly bundled leaves. When you cook radicchio, it loses some of its bitterness, becoming sweeter, which is a draw to those un-accustomed to bitter leaves in their salads. It has the added benefit of turning the risotto a lovely pinkish colour which, I guess, is fitting with the holiday. Adding the taleggio at the end gives this a great depth of flavour and makes it even creamier. It looks and tastes so elegant, but is easy to put together, if you’re looking to treat yourself (or like, another person).

    Arugula and radicchio salad

    Mousse al Mascarpone

    This is a lovely, light dessert to eat with berries of your choice, although I also love it with light and crisp coconut cookies. Looks very elegant piled into a single crystal wine goblet, eaten in front of the TV. I usually make this with eggs, but have also included a version using whipping cream for those that would prefer not to use raw eggs. As always, use the freshest eggs you can get.

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    Event Duration: 1.5 hours

    Prep Time: 15 minutes
    Ingredient List
    Serves 2 (Or 1 with leftovers)

    Risotto al radicchio e taleggio
    200 g (1 cup) Arborio rice (Italian rice variety)
    Approximately 1 litre broth (vegetable or meat/bone)
    150 mL white wine
    Half a head of radicchio, washed
    1 small onion
    150 g taleggio cheese
    Butter (100 g)
    Olive oil (as needed, 2-3 Tbsps)
    Parmigiano-Reggiano finely grated (approximately 50 g)
    Salt and pepper

    Arugula and radicchio salad
    One container of arugula
    Remaining half head of radicchio
    Good quality extra virgin olive oil
    Red wine or balsamic vinegar

    Mousse al Mascarpone
    2 eggs, whites and yolks separated
    250-275 g mascarpone*
    3 Tbsps sugar
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    Preferred berries or cookies to serve

    *Small containers of mascarpone should be 250/275 g. If you can only find a 500 g container, use half and put the rest in a cream sauce.

    Mousse al mascarpone – without eggs
    250 g mascarpone
    400 mL liquid whipping cream

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    Melissa's risotto is the best I have ever had, and she took the intimidation out of risotto making for me. Thank you Melissa! Sandra C.

    Vancouver, BC

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