Swiss Cooking with Céline

  • Immersion Experience #1 - Céline
  • Immersion Experience #1 - Céline
  • Taste of experience #2 Raclette
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Immersion Experience #1
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Taste of experience #2 Raclette
$75.00 $95.00
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Taste Of Experience #1 (Vegetarian)
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Celine is currently only doing private group experiences, please email: if you would like to book a private group experience.

All experiences are informal, warm and welcoming.  IMK experiences are suitable for families, we recommend children are a minimum of 11 years old.

Immersion experiences are a 4 hour experience. Includes a light snack upon arrival, approximately 2.5 hours of "in the kitchen" time, learning the recipes and participating in making the dishes, a full dinner shared together, and a booklet of recipes and in-depth culinary info.

Taste of experiences are a 2.5 hour experience.  Includes a light snack upon arrival and then you get to sit back and relax as Celine walks you through each recipe step by step sharing her family stories and culture along the way.  Everyone sits down together and shares the meal and more great conversation. 

Pet Alert: Family cat on premises
Location : Celine's Kitchen is in the Commercial Drive Area, Vancouver

Cooking with Céline: Swiss family favourites

Céline's experiences takes place in her heritage home near Commercial drive, a culturally rich and authentic neighbourhood - also known as The Drive. Céline believes in fresh "clean" cooking, which is influenced by her Swiss background and from her time spent on her Mother's hobby farm in the Kootenays. Céline embraces family, traditions and food that nourishes the soul. You will learn to cook some of Céline's favourite family recipes in her newly renovated kitchen, while she shares her stories about her colourful background and growing up in Switzerland and the Kootenays.

Immersion Experience #1

Simple Green Salad

Served with Céline's Oma's salad dressing

Pan-roasted Local Venison

You will learn to pan-roast a perfect venison sirloin and make a mouth watering Pinot Noir and porcini mushroom reduction sauce.


Wine-braised red cabbage with chestnuts. A beautiful dish, as appealing to the eyes as it is to the taste buds.


Céline's mother's recipe. Learn to make from scratch and then try your hand with the Spaëtzli maker.

Heidi's apple, amaretti custard and cream

A favourite dessert in Céline's family, the recipe is from her Swiss step-mother, Heidi.

Taste of experience #2 Raclette

The Raclette Experience:

The perfect culinary adventure to enjoy with: friends, family, colleagues or strangers, who inevitably will soon be new friends.  You will spend most of your time around the dining room table, enjoying a leisurely meal of melted, bubbling cheese that you will slide over various ingredients that you prepped in the kitchen.  Good conversation, a relaxed atmosphere and the sharing of stories, round out this culinary and cultural experience.
Suggested wine pairing:  Sauvingon Blanc

You are welcome to bring a bottle of wine (per two people) to Celine’s culinary experience, Celine's pairing suggestion is a Sauvignon Blanc.  Please note our insurance policy requires that the wine consumption is no more than 2 glasses per person.

The Menu

Green Salad with Lemon Caper Dressing


Served with the following sides, some of these sides may vary at Celine’s discretion.

Three types of cheese to compare the flavours: Swiss raclette, Quebecois raclette and B.C raclette.

Steamed potatoes

Poached pears in tea

Fig jam

Sauteed onions



Pickled onions


Fresh fruit and Heidi’s custard

After the raclette a light and refreshing dessert will be served with fresh fruit and Celine’s stepmother’s custard.

What is Raclette cheese?

A specific type of Swiss cheese that is a mild cow's milk cheese but when heated the flavours and aromas of butter and nuts come forward. Raclette has a firm-yet-supple texture that melts beautifully when heated. The word raclette (from the French racler, or "to scrape") goes back to the days when Swiss cow herders used to melt raclette cheese on rocks close to glowing coals to scrape over food.  

Taste Of Experience #1 (Vegetarian)

Celine loves this menu as it reflects both her Swiss and Kootenay roots. Sit back and relax in Céline’s beautiful newly renovated kitchen in her Commercial Drive heritage home. Céline will take you through each step of these dishes as she shares her stories of growing up in Switzerland and the Kootenays. 


Aperitif –Salted Hazelnuts

Chaeschuechli (Swiss Cheese Tartlets)

A Swiss staple, delicious blend of Swiss cheeses baked on a homemade tender crust. 


A selection of 3-4 healthy and hearty salads depending on what looks good at the market. The salads will be from the following list and all salads and dressings will be included in your recipe booklet.

Mutti’s ‘Gurkessalat’ (Mom’s Cucumber Salad):  crunchy cucumber with a greek yoghurt Dill dressing

Ruby red loose leaves salad: paired with a delicious ramp dressing, if ramps are not available chives or garlic will be used.

Rübli Salat: Carrot Salad, simple, tasty and healthy.

“Nüsslisalat”:  Celery root salad, a favourite of Celine’s served with a creamy Dijon dressing 

Tomato salad: sweet ripe tomatoes paired perfectly with a simple oil and vinegar style dressing.

Zucchini Salad: a fresh and fragrant salad made with a summer garden herb Vinaigrette

Zopf (Braided Sunday bread)

Learn to make a staple Swiss bread, and enjoy the smell and taste of the freshly baked loaf.

Seasonal Fruit Dessert

Depending on what is in season this dessert will vary as the seasons change.


I was born in Bern, Switzerland to a French father and a Swiss (Swiss German) Mother.  My parents divorced when I was 6. My Mother’s older brother had moved to Canmore, Alberta so my Mom decided that she would follow him, and we moved to Canada in 1976.   

My Mom, sister and I then moved to the Kootenays when I was 9.   Mom bought a hobby farm after Annie and I left for UBC where she raised sheep, had an amazing garden and orchard and chickens that laid the best eggs on the planet. Sadly, Mom passed away in 2001 but we kept the farm and still get to enjoy the beauty and bounty of her place.

Growing up my sister and I spent every second summer in Switzerland, with frequent visits to southern France to visit my Dad’s family.  We still return to Switzerland and France every few years to visit family to reconnect with our culture and to enjoy the associated amazing food traditions.

How do you express your love for cooking?

Preparing the most delicious meals I can from scratch and sharing them with my family and friends.

What makes Swiss cuisine special?

It’s regional, seasonal and traditional. Each region has its own specialties and traditions and they are based on what is in season.  Pasture/farm to plate is just a way of life in Switzerland. When shopping at the grocery store, there are signs telling you the name of the farm where the item comes from.

What do you love most about cooking?

It’s my way to relax and de-stress.  It’s also my creative outlet. What I love most is watching my family and friends enjoy my food.

Do you have a cooking philosophy?

Keep it simple. Use fresh ingredients – best if you know who grew or raised it!  Take the time and care necessary to develop your flavours. Put all your love into it.

What guests are saying about Celine's culinary experiences

“Celine’s workshop was an approachable and delicious journey. Her fun little creations (make sure to ask about her homemade vanilla extract) and simple techniques for big flavor pay offs will certainly find a home in my kitchen. I loved every minute spent in her beautiful heritage home and kitchen fit for a chef!”

Michelle L
“My greatest pleasure is using our meals together as a family to talk about my upbringing, my family, my culture and traditions that I hope my children will also carry on one day.”
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