Paella making with Luise

  • Immersion Experience #1 - Luise
  • Immersion Experience #1 - Luise
  • Immersion Experience #1 - Luise
Experience Schedule:
Sunday June 2 4:30pm-8:30pm
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Immersion Experience #1
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Saturday August 31 5:30pm - 8:30pm
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Immersion Experience #1
Saturday November 30 5:30pm - 8:30pm
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Immersion Experience #1

All experiences are informal, warm and welcoming. The experiences include a light snack upon arrival, approximately 1.5 hours of "in the kitchen" time, learning the recipes and participating in making the dishes.  We sit down together as new friends and share in a full dinner.  A pdf of recipes and in-depth culinary info is emailed to you in advance of your culinary adventure.

Pet alert: Dogs will be off-site on a dog-date

Location : Luise's experience take place in a friendly kitchen in the Dunbar neighbourhood of Vancouver.  

Cooking with Luise: Paella making and more!

Luise is as vibrant and outgoing and loves to share her passions of Spain and cooking.  Luise will ensure that you leave feeling confident to make these dishes with the ability to speak a few words in Spanish and biting at the bit to take that next trip to Spain.

Immersion Experience #1

Learn to make a traditional Paella from Luise, who spends a few months of each year in her beloved village in Valencia.  Valencia is home to the Paella de Mariscos and an abundance of Olive groves where some of the best Olive Oil in the world is made.  After learning to make Paella de Mariscos, we will sit down together and share the Paella as it is meant to be shared: good conversation, a relaxed atmosphere and the sharing of stories.

Suggested wine pairing:  Spanish Cava or Sauvignon Blanc

You are welcome to bring a bottle of wine (per two people) to Luise's culinary experience.  Please note our insurance policy requires that the wine consumption is no more than 2 glasses per person.

Paella de Mariscos

Seafood paella; Luise has made more paellas than she can remember and the best were those shared with friends old and new. Luise will tell you about the history and culture of paella including “The Rules”. The most important rule?  Everyone must be seated and ready to eat once the Paella is ready. As Luise says, “We can wait for the paella but the paella does not wait for us!”   

Spanish Dessert of Luise's choice

What guests are saying about Luise's culinary experience

“My Mom, daughter and I loved joining “In My Kitchen” with Luise. Luise shared with us her adventures through Spain as a place where she grew up and frequently returns to as a travel writer. Her passion and love for Spanish food and culture is obvious in her cooking. The paella was the best that I have had (and I’ve been to Spain!)   In My Kitchen provides a unique cooking experience for people of all ages!”

Lisa E.




I was born in Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany and grew up in East Berlin which was part of former East Germany. I remember Berlin being a city without colours.

My mother is a painter and my father is a writer of novels and fiction.  Both of my parents were fierce advocates for freedom and my mother organized a resistance movement among artists against the East German suppressive state.

After the wall came down, our family felt traveling and seeing the world was the most valuable experience to have.  My grandma became a passionate traveller after my grandfather passed away.  She sold a golden watch because she had no money and then travelled to the most exotic places taking jobs here and there like a student.  I have continued the love of travel my family lived, I found my way to Spain repeatedly. In 2005 I travelled to Vancouver and met my Partner Tony.  Tony and I decided to settle in Spain in 2006 after we drove the coast and fell in love with Mojácar and the desert area of Almería.  Right away I was able to find jobs as a journalist, which allowed me to explore the whole country and its fabulous towns, villages and fiestas.  Currently I am a travel journalist and contributing expert and explorer on Spain for Beach-Inspector, a company that explores beaches around the world. Tony and I share our time between Spain and Vancouver.

You live part of the year in Spain, how has that influenced your cooking?

The life in our own home in rural Andalusia is very basic and all the food comes from local sources. Fresh seafood is from a nearby fishing town and veggies, fruits, meat and bakery goods are from markets and small shops where they take pride in making everything themselves.

I find that a delicious meal often tastes just like the sources I use. When I hike the hills surrounding the village it smells of rosemary, thyme and sage. Goats are feeding on these mountains and so the goat cheese tastes like these herbs. There is no need for fancy cooking procedures, when the sources are so great themselves.  When I am in Vancouver I cook the same way, I like to create simple dishes using seasonal and fresh ingredients. I even go foraging in the local mountains for mushrooms and other wild edibles that the First Nations have been using for cooking for centuries.

What do you love most about cooking?

Trying new combinations and tastes combined with traditional cooking.  I love using fresh seasonal products when I know where they are from. I like experimenting with recipes, gathering people together, exchanging ideas and creating something that can be enjoyed together. When outside of Spain, cooking Spanish meals warms my heart even more. I love to join people in their kitchen and see and learn how they prepare food – even if we don’t speak the same language. Sharing a passion for cooking has created many new friendships for me.

What is your cooking philosophy?

Eating alone is not healthy. It should be forbidden.
“I find that a delicious meal often tastes just like the sources I use. There is no need for fancy cooking procedures when the sources are so great themselves.”