Taryn Online Experience #2

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This menu is the epitome of my memories of summers with my Finnish Granny and Grandad at the lake, short of rye bread it is an example of a Finnish meal. My mom even recalls the time her and my Dad were visiting family in Helsinki in the 70’s and my Dad’s cousins served them many meals similar to this.

Kurkkusalaatti (quick pickle)

With the cucumbers and dill, Grandad would make a jar of what he called, quick pickle. It was a side that went with everything, even just a quick nibble in passing. A blend of vinegar, sugar and water poured over fresh dill and garden cucumbers, a refreshing tangy taste.

Tomaatti-sipulisalaatti (Tomato and Onion Salad)

The lakehouse garden is where I learned to love tomatoes, especially baby tomatoes fresh off the vine; they were sweeter, fuller in flavor and somehow the warm sunshine added it’s own unique flavor that store tomatoes just don’t have. This tomato salad highlights those bright lush garden tomatoes with a vinaigrette that perfectly balances out their sweetness.

Sinappi (hot mustard)

Every summer, without fail we would roast wieners or sausages over a fire at some point, whether it was in the fire pit in the garden or the inside fireplace (on rainy days). Grandad would pull out the tube of spicy mustard to go with the sausages. The mustard was sweet and smooth, thick but has a unique nasal burn, almost like wasabi. 

Makkara (Finnish sausage)

Makkara is a generic word for sausage in Finland. They are similar to bratwurst or polish sausage but are much lighter in flavor and have a different texture, some being much finer in texture and are often mostly pork. If they are spiced it is with allspice, nutmeg or some pepper. The best way to enjoy makkara is over a fire or on a charcoal grill and then topped off with sinappi. For this mini experience we will be doing things a bit differently, we will start by boiling the sausage to cook it through and then searing it off in a hot pan.