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Okonomiyaki Party

In this culinary adventure guests will explore a new culture and new flavours with ex-pro soccer player Naomi. Your youth/teens will learn to make onigiri, okonomiyaki and pan fried yakisoba rice. The Okonomiyaki ingredients will be selected for a younger palate but some of the more unique ones available for the more daring. During the 2 hours Naomi will share her Japanese culture, stories about growing up in Japan and the ins and outs of cooking with Japanese flavours. 


Onigiri Making

A fun ice breaker to get things going, you will learn to make what all Japanese kids first learn to make at a very young age: Onigiri (rice balls or in this case rice triangles). 


A Japanese savory pancake made with flour and cabbage containing a variety of ingredients.  Okonomi means "how you like" and "yaki" means "grill".  This is a great experience for both, the adventurous palate and the more conservative palate.   

Naomi will explore different flavour combinations for Okonomiyaki.  Ingredients ranging from bacon, tenkasu (crumbled tempura batter), mochi, ebi (shrimp), pork, torororkombu (dried seaweed), corn, shiso…the list goes on!  Through the creation of your own Okonomiyaki you will learn about the various Japanese ingredients, how to combine them to maximize your flavours and be immersed in the Japanese culture particularly the Kansai region where Naomi is from. 

Pan fried yakisoba rice

This is an original dish, and a specialty of Naomi’s.


Price: CURRENTLY 20% OFF discounted price is $60 vs $75 regularly

Duration:  2 hours 

Location:  Mt Pleasant neighbourhood or In Your Kitchen

Six spots need to be booked regardless of the number of guests in the experience, sometimes we can book more than 6 depending on the age and space availability.  This experience is for youth 11 years and up.

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What participants are saying:

"I just wanted to let you know that we had so so much fun at Naomi¹s
workshop!  My friends absolutely loved it! Naomi was so accommodating and kind" Ciara T  - 15th birthday celebration