A Journey to Pakistan with Nosheen As My Guide

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The underrated and undiscovered Pakistan through the lens of a Pakistani food blogger who moved from Pakistan to Mississippi.

Blogger of the very popular:  Untold Recipes By Nosheen, Nosheen’s blog is all about authentic Pakistani cuisine, with many of the dishes originating out of Nosheen’s little red book of recipes past down through the generations in her family.

In this episode Nosheen generously shares about her life and perspective.  A few teasers about what you will hear:

  • Nosheen talks about her journey from Pakistan to Mississippi
  • Growing up as young girl in Pakistan
  • The importance of hospitality, family and connection in Pakistani culture. 
  • And so much more…oh yes, and my favourite topic, traveling in Pakistan.

Enjoy this episode, I loved it!

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