About In My Kitchen

Paula rolling dough on kitchen table


My parents came from very different backgrounds, so I grew up with a rich diversity of cultural influences from Pakistan, Japan, Italy, and New Zealand. In our family kitchen, the different traditions, recipes, and stories mingled together to create meals that were fun, inspiring, and memorable.  Inspiring a love of travel and cooking in me I am still nostalgic for the specialties of my grandmothers and great aunts—everything from curries to shortbread, chow chow to pikelets.


Paula chopping cilantro on kitchen table

Paula Mohammed R.H.N, in her kitchen


Today my young sons love cooking—and learning about cooking—just as much as I did. Every recipe is more than just food; it’s a story. I started In My Kitchen so other people could share their stories, traditions, and recipes. Let’s explore new flavours, new dishes, and new cultures.  We’ll cook together, eat together, learn together, and create lasting memories together.
Salting a lemon with black background



Gold teaspoon with spice on kitchen table