Episode 3: Why I Started In My Kitchen

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What inspired me to start In My Kitchen?  What influences from my upbringing (and recipes) played a role in the creation of In My Kitchen? 


This episode is full of love stories, travel, Maori Chiefs and more.  I share the stories from my childhood, that shaped who I am now and inspired me to create In My Kitchen. 

From curried peas to Sukiyaki, it is a delicious journey from Pakistan to New Zealand, Japan and Italy.  I can’t wait for you to join me on this culinary adventure.


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Curried Peas recipe coming soon!
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In My Kitchen helps women who love to travel to explore new flavours, new dishes, new cultures, so they can have a deeper connection to the people and places they visit. I do this  through my virtual cooking classes with my team of hosts from around the world, my podcast and my presentations to travel clubs, at conferences and to other large groups.

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