Episode 4: Vietnam, One Refugee Story. Where Food is the Tie that Binds

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Did you ever wonder what it was like to grow up during the Vietnam War…in Vietnam?

Raymond Liens, is an exceptional home cook and host with In My Kitchen,  who grew up in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam during the Vietnam war.  Raymond’s story may surprise you as he shares his family's story from the Vietnam to Canada and the role food plays throughout the experience.
In this episode you will learn about Raymond’s life growing up in the Mekong Delta. Raymond breaks down the foundation of all Vietnamese meals and provides a framework of 10 essential ingredients that will have you cooking Vietnamese dishes in no time.  Raymond shares some tips and hacks for traveling in Vietnam specifically on how to navigate the food markets of the Mekong Delta.
You are going to love this episode and if you haven’t already been to Vietnam, you will be adding it to your bucket list. 
I am excited for you to hear Raymond’s story and all he has to share!
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