Paula's 10 Tips To Cook Confidently And Calmly

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“Remember people want to be with You, not your Socarrat”
That’s is just a small sample of the advice Paula shares, to encourage people to host their post travel dinner parties.  Paula’s 10 Tips, will help you cook confidently and calmly while sharing your travel stories, hosting and cooking all at the same time.  
This episode is for anyone, who would like to be a little more relaxed in their kitchen when cooking for friends and family, or anytime.
A Summary Of Paula’s 10 Tips To Cook Confidently And Calmly
  • Read The Entire Recipe First
  • Make your shopping list and get your ingredients the day before
  • Vinegar Baths Clear out some space
  • Have a “clean up area”
  • Organize your Ingred and Tools
  • Put things away as you use them
  • Use Visual Reminders
  • Set Timers
  • Pull out serving platters in advance
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