Leila - North Iran

  • Leila-North Iran: Online Experience #6
  • Leila-North Iran: Online Experience #3 (Vegan)
  • Leila-North Iran: Online Experience #3 (Vegan)
Experience Schedule (menus below):
PRIVATE: Wednesday Nov 4th 5:30pm-7:00pm
34 spots available
Leila-North Iran: Khoresh Bademjan (Chicken and eggplant stew)
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Sunday Nov 22 5:00pm-6:30pm
20 spots available
Leila-North Iran: Online Experience #6
$25.00 Sign up now
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18 spots available
Leila-North Iran: Online Experience #3 (Vegan)
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ONLINE: Thursday July 2nd 5:00pm-6:30pm
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Leila-North Iran: Online Experience #2 (Vegetarian Option)
Monday Oct 19 5:30pm-7:00pm
20 spots available
Leila-North Iran: Online Experience #4
$25.00 Sign up now
Sunday Oct 25 5:00pm-6:30pm
20 spots available
Leila-North Iran: Online Experience #5 (Vegan)
$25.00 Sign up now

Online experiences are 1.5 hours in duration with lots of time for questions and conversation. The online experiences are hosted on zoom.  If the dates don't fit your schedule, you are able to sign up and receive the recorded zoom the next day.  Please indicate in "notes" on your registration if you are signing up for the recorded zoom. 

Recipes: recipes are sent to you along with your zoom event information the day before your online experience.  Ingredient lists are sent to you shortly after you register.

Technology:  connect with the host using zoom on your computer, mobile device or tablet.  If you have a tv in your kitchen try the screen mirroring feature on your device!

If you would prefer to book your culinary experience over the phone or would like to book a private group experience please email us at info@inmykitchen.ca 

Cook with Leila in your kitchen, online via zoom.   A great activity to do with the whole family as it is price per device.  We may not be able to travel right now, but share a family experience learning about a new culture and cuisine with our online culinary adventures.  Also a great date night!

This is a great opportunity to sample what our culinary adventures are all about without committing to the four hour experience.   

Our online culinary experiences are moderated by In My Kitchen founder, Paula Mohammed.

Immersion experiences are a 4 hour experience in the Host's home.  Includes a light snack upon arrival, approximately 2.5 hours of "in the kitchen" time, learning the recipes and participating in making the dishes, a full dinner shared together, and a booklet of recipes and in-depth culinary info.

All experiences are informal, warm and welcoming.  IMK experiences are suitable for families.

Cooking with Leila: 

When you meet Leila, you will feel you have made a new lifelong friend.  Leila's generous hospitality and passion for people and cooking is infectious.  There is nothing Leila loves more than introducing her recipes and food to new friends.  


Leila-North Iran: Khoresh Bademjan (Chicken and eggplant stew)

 Khoresh Bademjan (Chicken and eggplant stew)

A Persian eggplant stew traditionally made with meat but just as tasty as a vegetarian (Leila adds some mushrooms instead of meat) dish.  An easy family meal served with rice.

Honey Halva and rice flour

A traditional Persian dessert; simple, sweet and tasty!

Leila-North Iran: Online Experience #6

Koofteh aloo (Persian meatball with herbs and dried plum)

A very popular Persian dish as a main, appetizer and even for brunch.   Served with a cucumber and minty yoghurt dip.

Persian Salad

A simple and traditional Persian salad of tomato, cucumber and onion with a sour grape or lemon dressing.


Leila-North Iran: Online Experience #3 (Vegan)

Bademjan Shekam Por

Stuffed eggplant with walnut and pomegranate molasses.  This tasty eggplant dish is from a north western region or Iran: Azerbaijan.  The eggplant has been an integral part of the Persian cuisine for hundreds of years and due to it's versatility and great flavour many dishes have been inspired by the eggplant.

Paloudeh (cantaloupe smoothie)

Even when smoothies were not a thing, years and years ago Persians would mix fruits, ice and rose water to stay cool on warm, long summer days.   Paloudeh was often served as a dessert when I was a child and I have fond memories of having paloudeh served in an antique crystal bowl.

Leila-North Iran: Online Experience #2 (Vegetarian Option)

Borani Laboo (Yoghurt and beetroot dip)

This yoghurt, beetroot dip caters to all the senses.  A vibrant colour that pleases the eyes as well as the tastebuds.  Serve as a side dish or as dip with crackers or bread.

Baghali Polo ba morgh (can be made vegetarian)

(Saffron marinated chicken with Persian dill and fava bean rice) 

This is a colorful fragrant dish, the mixture of fluffy rice, aroma of dill, and the texture of bean will leave you wanting more, especially if you pair it with that delicious juicy chicken.  This dish is a traditional favourite and a must have at any gathering.


Leila-North Iran: Online Experience #4

Adas Polow (Ground beef with lentil saffron rice)

Rice is the most commonly eaten food in Iran and there are two types of rice.  Polow consists of vegetables or meat cooked and mixed with the rice, whereas Chelow is a steamed rice served alongside dishes like kebabs and stews.  In this dish we will make Polow with ground beef and lentils and saffron rice.  

We always say that you can tell how good a cook someone is by how well they cook their rice.  

Leila-North Iran: Online Experience #5 (Vegan)

Aash joo (Persian Barley and Herb soup)

A fragrant, healthy soup that offers many variations.   A light dinner, lunch or even for breakfast.

Gilani Rice Honey Halva

Halva is very popular and traditional Persian dessert.  This halva is made with rice flour and is typically found in the Gilan province.

Get to know Leila:

Where were you born?

I was born in Rasht, Iran.

Rasht is a very unique area of Iran and is near the Caspian sea.

Can you tell us a little bit about your family?

Both of my grand mothers had roots connected to Baku (Capitol of Azerbaijan).

I was raised in a mixed food culture, two very strong food cities (Rasht and Tabriz)

My grandpa moved from Tabriz (a city at the border of turkey) to my city to start a rice exporting business, later my dad took over the business and I grew up learning what is the best rice and how to cook it .

When and how did you develop your love for cooking?

Since I was a little girl ,my mom had an older lady who helped her at home, l would always sit next to her in the kitchen watch her and my mom  do all the preparations. My mom is a very patient lady, she would let me cook and bake and make a huge mess.

How do you express your love for cooking and culture?

I love to cook and bake it¹s therapeutic for me. I love to mix ingredients and create new recipes,I really enjoy cooking for friends and family it¹s very satisfying for me.

What are some of your favourite ingredients to use?

I love to use saffron, we call it the happy spice. Eggplant, I can make endless dishes with eggplant, last but not least RICE !

What makes Iranian cuisine special?

Iranian cuisine is special because we have lots of varieties ,lots of whole foods, great use of spices and lots of nutritional foods.

Do you have a cooking philosophy?

Yup the famous one! The way to anybody¹s heart is through their stomach:)


“The way to anybody's heart is through their stomach!”