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Private online experiences:

A great way to connect with family who live far away, and during this time when we cannot gather in person.   A fun way to spend time with friends, and a great team building activity for companies, schools, parent groups and clubs.  Any group!

Gurjyote is only available for private group experiences.  Please email us at:info@inmykitchen.ca for more information.

Online experiences:

All online culinary adventures include interactive cooking instruction, a pdf packet with our host's family recipes and a video recording of the experience.  Culinary adventures are 1.5 hours in duration, and are co-hosted with In My Kitchen founder Paula Mohammed, on zoom.   Our online culinary adventures require a minimum of 4 registrants to ensure they go ahead as scheduled.

Here’s how it works:

After registration you’ll receive an email with your shopping list and equipment list.  A day before your experience you will receive your zoom link and recipe packet.

At the scheduled time of your culinary adventure, you’ll click on the Zoom link and join your session live! Afterwards, you will receive a link to a video recording of your experience that you can revisit at your leisure.

In My Kitchen Delivery (coming soon):

Have your ingredients delivered the day of your your online culinary adventure.  Ingredients will be "mise en place"; measured out and ready to go.  Included in your In My Kitchen box will be some select favourite ingredients from our hosts. This makes a great gift idea, team building event or your own private event with your friends and family.  For more info email:info@inmykitchen.ca

Immersion experiences:

All Immersion experiences  include a light snack upon arrival, approximately 2.5 hours of "in the kitchen" time, learning the recipes and participating in making the dishes, a full dinner shared together, and a booklet of recipes and in-depth culinary info. Not available during COVID-19

Cooking with Gurjyote

When you meet Gurjyote you will be put at ease with his big smile and sense of humour.  Gurjyote (a.k.a Chef GJ) pulls the curtain back so we can see into his family kitchen, learning the recipes that he grew up on, the recipes of his Grandmother.  Chef GJ is a seasoned Chef, before he left India Chef GJ was executive chef for Taj hotel.  This culinary adventure is about, the food that Gurjyote grew up on, the marrying of the traditional North Indian dishes with those from Indonesia as Gurjyote's Grandmother was from Indonesia. 


Get to know Gurjyote:

Where were you born?

I was born in New Delhi India.

Can you tell us a little bit about the history of your family?

My great grandfather immigrated from Pakistan to India when partition happened in 1947.   My Grandmother is from Indonesia and this influenced her cooking.

When did you develop a love for cooking?

I used to watch my Grandma cook. My Grandpa was the eldest of 8 siblings, and everyone would come to our house and my Grandma would cook for everyone.  I remember the aromas, the style and the dishes.

What was the first dish you learned to cook?

The first dish I learned to cook was when I was when in grade 8.  It was a non vegetarian dish:  Murgh musallam.  A whole chicken marinated and stuffed with boiled egg and seasoned with spices.

It was at this time in grade 8 when I decided I wanted to be a chef.   I worked part time in my Father's business and full time achieving my passion. I was very lucky, my parents encouraged me.  As the eldest son, I would normally be expected to take over my Father's business. My parents gave me the liberty to live my dreams.

How do you express your love for cooking and culture?

When I cook I am filled with more love. I love feeding people who are hungry. I like to make sure they eat with their eyes first and than fill up their stomachs!

What do you love most about cooking?

When I cook, I feel more energetic. When I am in action cooking, I am always smiling.  You can talk to me about food the whole day, and I will always be smiling.

Do you have a cooking philosophy?

I feel food should be shared, I am happy when people are sharing food; family style.  Family style of eating spreads love.  The Sikh community always serves food family style, it is community food and spreads the love.


Northern India
When I cook I am filled with more love. I love feeding people who are hungry. I like to make sure they eat with their eyes first and than fill up their stomachs!