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Experience Schedule (menus below):
ONLINE: Thursday July 16, 5:00pm - 6:30pm PST
5 spots available
Raymond Online Experience #1
$25.00 Sign up now
Sunday Oct 4, 5:00pm-6:30pm
16 spots available
Raymond Online Experience #1
$25.00 Sign up now

Online experiences are 1.5 hours in duration with lots of time for questions and conversation. The online experiences are hosted on zoom.   If the dates don't fit your schedule, you are able to sign up and receive the recorded zoom the next day.  Please indicate in "notes" on your registration if you are signing up for the recorded zoom. 

Recipes: recipes are sent to you along with your zoom event information the day before your online experience.  Ingredient lists are sent to you shortly after you register.

Technology:  connect with the host using zoom on your computer, mobile device or tablet.  If you have a tv in your kitchen try the screen mirroring feature on your device!

Our online culinary experiences are moderated by In My Kitchen founder, Paula Mohammed.

If you would prefer to book your culinary experience over the phone or would like to book a private group experience please email us at info@inmykitchen.ca 

Cook with Raymond in your kitchen, online via zoom.   A great activity to do with the whole family as it is price per device.  We may not be able to travel right now, but share a family experience learning about a new culture and cuisine with our online culinary adventures.  Also a great date night!

This is a great opportunity to sample what our culinary adventures are all about without committing to the four hour experience.   

Our online culinary experiences are moderated by In My Kitchen founder, Paula Mohammed.

Immersion experiences are a 4 hour experience in the Host's home.  Includes a light snack upon arrival, approximately 2.5 hours of "in the kitchen" time, learning the recipes and participating in making the dishes, a full dinner shared together, and a booklet of recipes and in-depth culinary info.

All experiences are informal, warm and welcoming.  In My Kitchen experiences are suitable for families.

Cooking with Raymond: An authentic Vietnamese culinary experience

Raymond is passionate about food and culture and likes to say "that countries have borders but flavours will cross cultures".   When you cook with Raymond, you will learn how to make Vietnamese dishes that are authentic, and you will also learn about the composition of each dish and why it is important to the integrity of the dish.  Raymond is gracious, you will leave your experience feeling fullfilled in your stomach and your heart! 

Raymond Online Experience #1

Raymond’s Vietnamese Summer Noodle Bowl (Bún)

Adaptable to Gluten Free and diabetic diets

Bún (sounds like Boong)

Raymond shares with us a little about Bún:

Bún is what we call rice-vermicelli in Viet. It is so common in many of our meals that any dish that includes rice-vermicelli is called Bún.  In most restaurant menus, Bún has its own category which usually include Bún Bò Nướng (grilled Beef), Bún Gà Nướng(Grilled Chicken) or Bún Chả Giò(Spring Rolls). In this class,  you will learn the basics of Bun which is also the foundation of Viet cooking.

Bún  is a light meal that can be eaten anytime of day often anytime after breakfast and before dinner. We call it a light meal instead of a snack. On a hot day, Bún can also be a refreshing and substantive dinner.

Get to know Raymond:

Where were you born?

I was born in Bạc Liêu near the Southern tip of Vietnam, where our family lived for many generations. Bac Lieu was a small provincial town where the French built manors with louvre shutters and streets with wide boulevards. In these boulevards food-vendors hustled from morning to night selling everything from morning coffee to late night snacks.  Just steps away from our home, there were endless rice paddies where foraged herbs can be bought directly from the farmers working these fields.

Can you tell us a little bit about the history of your family?

We landed in Winnipeg in 1979. At the time there were only two Chinese general grocers. We couldn't find all the products we were accustomed to. Two years later we opened the first South-East Asian grocery in Winnipeg. From that moment on, food became even more of a focus of our family.

At the store, I was the go-to person for English speaking customers.  Adventurous locals would want to know our specialty products. The store is still being operated by my family to this day.

How do you express your love for cooking and culture?

Like most young immigrants to Canada, I did not appreciate my own culture outside our home. Vietnamese food was not known outside family circles until much later. However, I learned from a young age that countries have borders but flavours will cross cultures. Now for me, cooking is a way to create moments to gather with friends and family. The food sets the tone and I always try to bring in new flavours, new dishes, new ingredients, making each family gathering a unique experience.

What makes Viet cuisine special, what are your favourite dishes?

A typical Viet meal has at least 50% vegetables, 25% protein, and 25% carbohydrates. We eat at least half of the vegetables raw. Leafy lettuce is often used for wrapping. My favourite dishes are the ones to share like self-assembling salad rolls and noodle bowls.

Do you often cook together as a family?

We were a family of foodies before the term “foodies” was coined. Not surprising as our new life in Canada, for many years, evolved around a grocery store. 

For me cooking is an essential life skill and I make sure to pass it on to the next generation. Whether it is my 4yo godchild learning to separate egg yolks for our Sunday waffles or my nieces asking questions about our family recipes.

“Countries have borders but flavours will cross cultures