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Are you looking for a unique activity for corporate team building, a family celebration or a great evening with friends?  Interested in hosting an experience in your own home or office?  Try an IMK private culinary experience, contact us to find out more and we can plan a unique and special experience just for you.

We can work with you to find a date, host and menu to meet your needs.  There is no additional fee to register a private experience in the home of an IMK host, we just require that you book all 6 spots (even if your group has fewer than 6 participants).   Additional fees may apply if the experience is booked in your own home depending on how far a host may need to travel.

Contact to start planning your custom IMK experience.

In addition to a customized culinary experience we also offer the following private group experiences:

Japanese cooking class for kids and teens- Two hours with ex pro soccer player Naomi.  A great way to introduce kids and teens to the food and culture of Japan.  In this class guests will get hands on making their own Okonomiyaki and Onigiri.  Students will leave with their own booklet of recipes ready to make these dishes for their school lunch boxes and family dinners!

Onigiri is a Japanese comfort food made from steamed rice formed into triangular shapes and usually wrapped with nori.  Different fillings can be added to make a healthy snack.  In Japan children learn to make onigiri at a very young age.

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake made with flour and cabbage containing a variety of ingredients.  It is also possible to create a gluten free version of Okonomiyaki. 

Okonomiyaki party - A 2.5 hour fun and casual experience where you and five friends learn to make your own Okonomiyaki.  Naomi will take you on a tour of the various toppings carefully selected to educate you on Japanese cuisine and culture.  Traditionally you eat Okonomiyaki with Japanese beer, you are welcome to bring your own beer to accompany the Okonomiyaki.

Swiss farm to table favourites in your kitchen - Celine will come to your home with all the fixings for a farm to table culinary adventure influenced by her Swiss roots.   Roasted Venison with Spaetzli or an array of traditional Swiss salads and Chaeschuechli (Swiss cheese tartlets) or a lesson in a lazy Sunday brunch making Zopf (braided bread), homemade jam and Birchermusli. 

For all private and custom experiences please email: