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An Heirloom Recipe: Pork, Prawn and Chive Dumplings (veg option)

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About the Dumpling Wrappers

If you are unable to pick up a dumpling kit to make the wrappers, it is okay.  Your wrappers won't be the traditional method, but they will still work.  You can roll them out with a pasta machine and cookie cutter or you are allowed to purchase the ready made dumpling wraps.  Please note, these are not the traditional wraps that you will learn to make with Raymond.  But  we don't want this to be difficult, so work with what you have.  If purchasing, look for a local brand if possible and key ingredients should only be flour and water with a short shelf life, due to no preservatives.  Look for them in the refrigerated section or directly from a local frozen dimsum business in Chinatown, along Kingsway or Fraser st. in Vancouver.

For those of you that purchased a dumpling making kit (traditional rollers and spatulas) please see your email for pick up location.  If you did not purchase a dumpling making kit but would like to, please click here.  

Ingredient List

For the Dough 

  • 2 C All purpose unbleached flour 
  • 1 T Cornstarch (for the little bit of extra chew)
  • 1 C luke warm water or more as needed 

For the Filling

  • 1C Lean Ground Pork 
  • 1C Shell on medium Prawns
  • ½ lb Fresh Garlic Chives clean 
  • *12 Dried Cloud ear mushrooms 

Dipping Sauce 

  • 1T Soy sauce 
  • 1 Rice Vinegar 
  • 1 Thai chili thinly sliced

*Cloud Ear mushrooms, are very common in Chinese cooking, and are smaller than the wood ear mushrooms.  You can find cloud ear mushrooms at most Asian grocers and through South China Seas on Granville Island, Vancouver.

Dried mushrooms for dumpling recipe

What you need to prep:

Place your cloud mushrooms in a bowl and pour boiling water on top and let soak for 30 minutes.

Have your ingredients measured out and ready to go, clean and trim vegetables/herbs

Please note:  Raymond uses the following ingredients for seasoning: white pepper, salt and sesame oil.  Raymond cooks with a neutral oil such as sunflower oil. 

Utensils you will need:

  • Clean linen cloth to cover dough (spray bottle of water to dampen cloth)
  • Dumpling kit or pasta machine or a small utensil that could be used as a roller and is approx 1” in diameter
  • 10” frying pan with airtight glass lid preferred
  • 2 Mixing bowls 
  • A sharp knife 
  • Parchment paper
  • Sm bowl for dipping sauce

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