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Our list of romantic, cute, fun, and unique date ideas will impress your significant other and allow both of you to try something new in Canada’s best city - Vancouver!

20 Unique Date Ideas in Vancouver

Need a fun first date idea in Vancouver? Or how about trying something new to spice it up? Our list of romantic and unique date ideas will definitely impress your significant other. Don’t let Vancouver’s rainy days get in the way, we have a list of both indoor and outdoor activities you have to try this weekend!

  1. Go For an Intimate Dinner, In the DARK at Dark Table
  2. Check out a Cat Cafe
  3. Try an Online Couples Cooking Class (Beginner Friendly!)
  4. Bring the Stars to them on a Space Date! 
  5. Late Night Asian Fusion Snacks at District Eleven
  6. Hike the Grouse Grind
  7. Indoor Garden Paradise - Bloedel Conservatory
  8. Indoor Trampoline Park
  9. Indoor Mini Golfing With a Twist (Mini Putt)
  10. Try an Art Class - Painting and Pottery
  11. Rent a Bike, Cycle Stanley Park
  12. Netflix & Chill - Vancouver Style
  13. Vancouver Aquarium
  14. Catch a Concert or Show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre or Rogers Arena
  15. Sundowner Picnic at Sunset Beach
  16. Sunday Brunch Waffles and Crepes
  17. Attend a Vancouver Canucks Hockey Game
  18. Is He Really Mr. Right? - Escape Room
  19. Vancouver Art Gallery & Museums
  20. Shopping Local - Granville Island Market, Lonsdale Quay Market, Richmond Night Market

Go For an Intimate Dinner, In the DARK at Dark Table

Dark Table Vancouver

Price: 2 courses for $36
Location: 2611, West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Website: Dark Table
Image source:   Dark Table Vancouver Facebook Page

If you’re looking for a unique date idea, dining in the dark will absolutely be a memorable experience. With a dark dining meal you can fully focus on the flavours of the dishes while enjoying your company. 

Check out a Cat Cafe

 Cat Cafe Vancouver

Price: $16.75 per 55 minutes 

Location: Unit #2035 - second floor, International Village Mall (88 West Pender St.), Vancouver 

Website: Cat Cafe

As long as your date is a cat person, this will be perfect for you. The cat cafe, Catfe, is Vancouver’s original cat cafe that acts as a temporary foster home for cats. The cafe will allow you both to escape life for a bit and be surrounded by fluffy friends. 

Try an Online Couples Cooking Class (Beginner Friendly!)

 Cooking class Paella

Price: $39 per device

Location: Your kitchen 

Website: IN MY KITCHEN - Online Cooking Classes Vancouver

An online cooking class allows for you and your date to spend a night-in creating a delicious meal together. During the class you will get to know others and learn some kitchen tricks for future use. After the class is done, you can continue the date and enjoy your homemade meal together. 

Bring the Stars to them on a Space Date!

 Stars Date Vancouver

Price: ~$20 tickets 

Location: Vanier Park, 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver 

Website: https://www.spacecentre.ca/planetarium-star-theatre 



Gaze at the stars through a top of the line telescope, or sit back and enjoy a stellar show at the Planetarium Star Theatre. Looking at the stars together will definitely create some romance for your next date night. 

Late Night Asian Fusion Snacks at District Eleven

 Distrcit Eleven fusion asian food vancouver

Source: @_districteleven/Instagram

Price: $12-$24 

Location: 4063 Main Street, Vancouver

Website: https://district-eleven.ca/ 

Why not check out one of Vancouver’s newest and hottest late night restaurants together? District Eleven offers incredible late night Asian Fusion plates and a variety of unique cocktails. This is a perfect place for both of you to try out together and share some flavourful dishes.  

Hike the Grouse Grind

Grouse Grind Hike 

Price: Free!

Location: 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver

Website: https://www.destinationvancouver.com/activities/hiking/grouse-grind/ 

The Grouse Grind is definitely a must-do to turn around a lazy weekend. Burn off yesterday’s poutine and pizza with an invigorating hike. It’ll feel good once you get to the top and you’ll be able to take in the beautiful view of Vancouver together. 

Indoor Garden Paradise - Bloedel Conservatory 

Bloedel Conservatory Vancouver Bird on branch

Price: $7.20 

Location: 4600 Cambie St (Queen Elizabeth Park), Vancouver

Website: https://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/Prices-and-memberships.aspx

Walk through nature even when it’s raining - without getting wet! The indoor gardens are perfect if you are craving some beautiful weather despite a long week of rain. You can walk around with your date and take some photos together with a picturesque background.  

Indoor Trampoline Park

 Extreme air park vancouver

Price: $17 for an hour jump period 

Location: Locations in Richmond, New West, and Langley 

Website: https://richmond.extremeairpark.com/

An indoor trampoline date is definitely not for the faint of heart. This spot is perfect for a regular Vancouver rainy day and will absolutely lighten up anyone’s week while making a great memory together.  

Indoor Mini Golfing With a Twist (Mini Putt)

 Indoor Mini Golf

Price: $14.30/per player 

Location: 7391 Elmbridge Way, Richmond

Website: https://www.westcoastminiputt.com/ 

Mini golf is one of those cliche dates, but honestly it's a classic for a reason. Enjoy some friendly competition with a game of glow in the dark mini golf. 

Try an Art Class - Painting and Pottery

 Painting Pottery Vancouver

Price: $15/per hour with workshop studio time 

Location: 3573 Main St. Vancouver, BC 

Website: https://mainartstudio.com/ 

No matter how artsy you may be, we challenge you and your date can try out a painting and pottery class. Who knows, you might find out your date has a hidden artistic talent and you’ll be able to both create a piece of art at Main Art Studio. 

Rent a Bike, Cycle Stanley Park

 Biking Stanley Park

Price: $9 for 1 hour, $24 for 3 hours

Location: 687 Denman St, Vancouver and 1351 Burrard St, Vancouver

Website: https://yescycle.com/rates/ 

Going on a bike ride together is another romantic classic. Luckily, in Vancouver biking is a year-round activity and in Stanley Park you will always have a beautiful view. 

Netflix & Chill - Vancouver Style

Netflix and chill vancouver 

Price: customizable to you! 

Location: At home 

Website: Custard: https://www.hoduya.ca/ 

Late night poutine: https://www.meanpoutine.ca/ 

Neapolitan artisan pizza: https://viateverepizzeria.com/ 

Snacks: https://dankmart.ca/ 

Pick up some locally crafted beer, order a fancy pizza or poutine, and finish off with some custard or snacks. We created a list of some of our favourites that you can pair with your movie of choice and create the ideal night-in. 

Vancouver Aquarium

 Vancouver Aquarium

Price: $42/per person

Location: 845 Avison Way, Vancouver

Website: https://www.vanaqua.org/visit 

Walk around and learn about the wildlife of the ocean. The aquarium is another great way to get out of the rain and spend the entire day exploring together. 

Catch a Concert or Show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre or Rogers Arena

 Rogers Arena Concert

Price: Varies on the show

Location: 649 Cambie St , Vancouver (Queen Elizabeth Theatre), 800 Griffiths Way, Vancouver (Rogers Arena) 

Website: http://www.queenelizabeththeatre.org/ 


Keep an eye out for your date’s favourite shows and artists so you can surprise them with some tickets! A show or concert always makes for a really special gift with a future date to look forward to. Dressing up to go to a show or concert will make an incredibly memorable night. 

Sundowner Picnic at Sunset Beach

 Sunset Beach Picnic

Price: Just your picnic ingredients! 

Location: Sunset Beach Park, 1204 Beach Ave, Vancouver

Website: https://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/sunset-beach.aspx 

Pack up your favourites, bring a blanket, and make a charcuterie board as you relax on the beach. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a picnic on the beach in Vancouver. 

Sunday Brunch Waffles and Crepes

Sunday Brunch Waffles Vancouver 

Price: $10-$24 

Location: 1002 Seymour St (Nero), 1703 Robson St (Nero), 1471 Continental St (Ça Marche) 

Website: http://www.nerowafflebar.com/ 


Brunch is always a safe and fun date option. Indugde in waffles or crepes and soak up the last moments of the weekend together. Nero Waffle Bar and Ça Marche are both must-tries in Vancouver. Plus if your date loves the waffles or crepes, learn how to make them at home and surprise them the next weekend! 

Attend a Vancouver Canucks Hockey Game

 Rogers arena vancouver canucks hockey

Price: ~$40+ (variable on when you buy the tickets) 

Location: 800 Griffiths Way, Vancouver

Website: https://tickets.canucks.com/singlegame 

Watching a Canucks game is truly a Vancouver classic. Grab dinner before or drinks afterwards to complete a perfect night-out. 

Is He Really Mr. Right? - Escape Room


Price: $32/per person 

Location: 1129 Granville St, Vancouver 

Website: https://i-exit.com/ 

Perfect for a rainy day, you can lock yourself and your date into an escape room to test your critical thinking skills as you solve the clues in order to escape. If you’re looking for a memorable and entertaining date idea, the escape room at i-Exit is a wonderful choice. 

Vancouver Art Gallery & Museums

 Vancouver Art Gallery

Price: Free - $24 

Location: 750 Hornby Street, Vancouver (Vancouver Art Gallery), 555 Nelson Street, Vancouver (Contemporary Art Gallery), 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver (Museum of Vancouver) 

Website: https://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/visit 



Vancouver's vibrancy can always be seen through its Art Galleries and Museums. Choose the exhibit that intrigues you most and spend the day walking around together. Even better, you can grab coffee before or after to complete the perfect day. 

Shopping Local - Granville Island Market, Lonsdale Quay Market, Richmond Night Market

 Vancouver Public Market

Price: Free to walk around 

Location: 1689 Johnston St, Vancouver (Granville Island Market), 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver (Lonsdale Quay Market), 8351 River Rd, Richmond (Richmond Night Market)

Website: https://granvilleisland.com/public-market 



Some of the classic Vancouver spots make perfectly romantic date ideas. Granville Island Market, Lonsdale Quay Market, and Richmond Night Market are all filled with great food and a picturesque setting. Choose whichever is closest to you and embrace the city together.  Check out our Blog on Paula's Portuguese Mussels and pick up your mussels at The Lobster Man, on Granville island to round out this date idea.

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