New Food Trends To Look Out For In 2022

5 New Food Trends to Look Out for in 2022 | In My Kitchen

The newest food trends arriving at the table this year include some tantalizing flavours. Food trend #1 includes the rise of zero proof cocktails…

Food lifestyle is adapting to our needs and desires with changes the new year brings. These food trends focus on bettering both ourselves and our communities through zero proof cocktails, environmentally friendly food, small batch craft food, plant based chicken, and home cooking.  

  1. Zero Proof Cocktails

zero proof cocktail in a martini glass with half a grapefruit and sprig of rosemary for garnish

Zero proof or non-alcoholic cocktails have always been a part of the food and drink industry but have recently sparked popularity as a sophisticated drink of choice. One may wonder why choose a zero proof drink, there are many reasons but ultimately, you do not need an excuse to enjoy a decadent zero proof cocktail. Many local restaurants have begun to serve sophisticated mocktails and there are also incredible zero proof spirit companies giving you the opportunity to make drinks with friends or family at home. Lumette is a British Columbian Company which offers many spirits such as zero proof gin and spiced-rum. Another Canadian based zero proof spirits company is Sobrii. This Ontario company distills both tequila and gin and their website offers an assortment of cocktail recipes to inspire you. The world of zero proof spirits and cocktails is evolving, so next time you’re out for a meal or in a liquor store, keep an eye out – you might be pleasantly surprised. 

Recipe for Lumette's Zero Proof Negroni Recipe 


  1. Environmentally Friendly Food

The focus of choosing environmentally friendly foods is more important now than ever. There are so many small ways to make a conscious effort to consider how the food we are buying and consuming impacts the environment and communities around us. In 2022, the focus on environmentally friendly foods will continue to grow. A simple way to transition to environmentally friendly food is through a plant based diet such as the choice of plant based protein over traditional meats. Choosing environmentally friendly options can also be as simple as picking local and seasonal produce when grocery shopping and educating yourself on the

You may be surprised to learn that Northern Iran cuisine is heavily centered around a plant based diet, full of fresh herbs, fruit, dried fruit and nuts.  A very traditional dish is often eaten at dinner time:  Kuku Sabzi, which is a herb frittata, and makes the perfect lunch the next day wrapped in sangak bread with feta cheese.  If you have a local Persian store near you try the sangak bread.  In Vancouver Saman Bakery makes some of the best.  In My Kitchen Host Leila, teaches a variety of Northern Iranian cooking classes online. Offering an opportunity to learn techniques passed down through the generations and sharing stories about life in Rasht, Iran.

Learn to make Kuku Sabzi and Mirzaghasemi (eggplant and tomato stew/dip) with Leila and In My Kitchen

    1. Small Batch Craft Foods

    Small batch craft foods are beginning to flourish in the food and drink industry and we predict it will be a massive trend in 2022. Many people choose small batch craft foods as they connect with local communities, and high quality ingredients. These specialty foods are available in local stores and grocery stores. Some of our favourite small batch craft foods include Foodies sauces such as Kula Pili Pili sauce, Van Koji original Shio-Koji, and the various flavours of Haprès Wine infused Jellies. The local Vancouver Coho Market also has an incredible selection of small batch craft foods to choose from. Another simple way to connect to craft foods is through Small Batch Vancouver which is a blog and podcast that helps Vancouverites find high quality, local food. If you are interested in getting into small batch craft foods, we suggest looking into both the Coho Market and Small Batch Vancouver websites.  

    1. The Rise of Plant Based Chicken

    Due to a variety of reasons such as health or environmental causes, many of us choose or are tempted to choose plant based meat alternatives. Plant based chicken is rising in popularity because of its simplicity to cook and its delicious taste. You can easily turn any of your favorite chicken dishes into a plant based meal with the simple replacement of the protein. Most grocery stores offer a variety of plant based chicken brands. An easy way to find plant based foods is through Coho Market as they have a page highlighting local plant based foods. We highly suggest an incredible local Vancouver plant based company called Yumasoy. Yumasoy offers high-protein soy strips called Om Noms in three main flavour profiles; Teriyaki, Italian, and Thai Yellow Curry.  This is definitely a simple way to try out and experiment with plant based “meat” in the new year. 

    Yumasoy's Recipe For Winter Squash Salad with Italian Herb Om Noms

    1. Surge in Home Cooking

    Many of us experimented in the kitchen throughout the lockdowns, quarantines, and the adjustment of working from home that 2021 brought. We believe that home cooking will continue to grow and develop for many people. Home cooking allows for creativity and a form of stress relief for many, and the ability to connect with friends and family over a home cooked meal.  We embrace home cooking through online In My Kitchen cooking classes to allow you to learn new recipes in a creative way from diverse cultures. 

    Wrap Up

    Here’s to 2022! Let's hope for a year of health and happiness in everybody's lives. We encourage you to look out for and try new food trends and we would love to see your creations and connections with the trends on social media. Tag @inmykitchenvancouver with your foodie creations on FB and IG.

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