Episode 10: Featuring Chef Mireille - A Culinary Journey Through the Caribbean

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Suriname, Djon djon, Soup Jou Mou and more….what do these all have in common?  The Caribbean!
In this episode, host Paula Mohammed chats with Chef Mireille, a New York City based food and travel blogger with a diverse family background that spans the globe from India to Haiti. 

Mireille shares her unique perspective on international cuisine as she encourages listeners to traverse the cross-cultural landscape with her traditional recipes. She gives a deeper insight into the diversity of Caribbean cuisine and culture, focusing on the uniqueness of each region based on historical colonization. Mireille also elaborates on the deeply-rooted tradition of 'Jou Mou', a Haitian New Year's Day pumpkin soup, and its significance. Throughout the conversation, Mireille emphasizes the beauty of culinary diversity and the power of food to break down biases and foster understanding among different cultures.

These are just a few of the topics we cover in my chat with Mireille:

·       Mireille's Unique Family Background

·       Exploring the Diversity of the Caribbean

·       Traveling to the Caribbean: Tips and Recommendations

·       The Significance of Jou Mou in Haitian Culture

·       The Influence of Mireille's Diverse Background on Her Career

·       Mireille's Blog and Her Mission

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