S3E2 The Essence of Japan: Naomi's Story from Soccer to Sake Part 1

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Friday evenings you will find Naomi cooking up Japanese small plates and pouring sake for friends around her kitchen island.  The conversation goes something like this...

In this episode of 'In My Kitchen with Paula', Paula interviews Naomi Eguchi, an original In My Kitchen Host and a talent both in the kitchen and on the soccer field. Naomi, originally from Kobe, Japan, and now running a successful business in Vancouver, shares insights into her upbringing, Japanese home cooking, and the diverse food scene across Japan's regions. 

These are just a few of the topics Paula covers:

  • A Deep Dive into Japanese Cuisine with Naomi
  • Naomi's Multicultural Background and Its Influence
  • Exploring Traditional Japanese Home Cooking
  • Japanese School Lunches
  • Sharing a Special Recipe: Chicken Tsukune
  • Travel Tips and Cultural Insights for Japan

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