S3E4: Beyond Butter Chicken with Chef Gurjyote Sethi

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Spices, Stories, and Smiles:  Exploring Indian Culture and Cuisine with Chef Gurjyote Sethi

In this episode of 'In My Kitchen with Paula,' host Paula Mohammed invites Red Seal Chef Gurjyote Sethi (Chef GJ) to share his culinary journey from India to Canada. Chef GJ delves into his family's rich culinary history, regional Indian cuisines, and the importance of hospitality. He provides insights into daily life in India, cooking techniques, and his philosophy of spreading love through food. The discussion also touches on Chef GJ's culinary tours in India and his ongoing cooking ventures in Canada, including his experience with 'Tiffin To Go.'

Just a few things you will learn in this episode;

05:47 Daily Routines and Meals in India

10:38 School Lunches and Tiffin Culture

25:21 Spice Storage and Usage Tips

27:01 Understanding Curry and Masala

29:42 Family Cooking Traditions

37:19 Traveling and Culinary Tours in India

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