Chef GJ's Chicken Curry Dinner

What to prep in advance:

If using a whole chicken cut it into 8 or so pieces.  If interested here is a great video on how to butcher a whole chicken.  In the video Natasha de-bones the chicken, I find to get more flavour in your curry, leave the bone-in.

Have your ingredients measured out and ready to go

Kitchen Equipment:
  • Thick bottomed pan (this is what the curry will be made in, needs to be big enough to hold your chicken.
  • Roasting pan or oven proof dish to fit your chicken pieces (yes, we bake it for a little bit first)
  • Spice grinder, coffee grinder (cleaned) or small mixer (to grind spices)
  • Large pot for rice (with a lid)
  • Non-stick pan for roti, cast iron pan is next best, for traditional roti making a Tawa pan is used.
  • 2 Plates (dinner size)
  • Large bowl
  • Small pan
  • Tongs
  • Spatula
  • Your favourite beverage