When an Olive Oil Sommelier who is a cookbook author takes you on a journey to Atlantic Canada. Magical!

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It all started with the hunt for fresh olive oil like she tasted in the family olive grove in Italy.  Fast forward a decade and that hunt has led Emily down a path she never dreamed of.
Eight time cookbook author and Level 2 Olive Oil Sommelier, Emily is still pursuing her love of olive oil and her determination to educate people on the health benefits and how to buy fresh Olive Oil.
When not tasting olive oil at competitions around the world, Emily is either writing or researching her next cookbook.  Her latest cookbook:  A Rising Tide (co-authored with photographer extraordinaire Danielle Acken) brings us along on a journey to Atlantic Canada unveiling the innovative food scene taking place there and introducing us to the people and culture of Atlantic Canada. If you hadn’t thought of traveling to Atlantic Canada before listening to this episode, you will be booking your ticket after!

In Emily’s words:  “When I was on the Atlantic coast, it really felt there was this amazing Canadian culture that we really didn't experience in the rest of Canada.”

In this episode Emily shares myth busters around olive oil, the current research between olive oil and alzheimer’s prevention, Emily introduces us to unique ingredients indigenous to Atlantic Canada and shows us why the food scene is about so much more than Lobster.  Plus Emily shares her travel tips, including how and where to travel from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island.

I can’t wait for you to hear all the Emily has to share!
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