Umbrian Feast with Melissa

This menu will become a family favourite.  If you would like to make the gnocchi as a main course, just double the gnocchi ingredients, you do not need to double the sauce.

What to prep in advance

Have all your ingredients measure out and ready to go, this is called:  "mise en place"

Place your ricotta in a sieve for approximately 15', this will allow any liquid to drain out.

Wash and dry your herbs

Your Utensil List:

Large pan for making tomato sauce
Splash guard (optional)
Large pot for cooking gnocchi
Slotted spoon 
Ideally a wooden surface to roll out gnocchi
Roasting pan for chicken, there will be some juices so you want a baking sheet or pan with some sides.   A casserole dish or pie dish work well too.