Authentic Persian Jeweled Rice And Saffron Chicken

Jeweled Rice
Named for its gem stone colours, a great dish for the holiday season

Saffron Marinated Chicken
A simple and flavourful dish, marinated in spices, saffron and yogurt.

What to Prep in Advance
Wash rice in a colander until water runs clear

To remove the bitterness from orange peel, drop orange peel in a pot with boiling water and cook for 1 minute and rinse, repeat this 2 more times.

Have your ingredients measured out and ready to go

Kitchen equipment
Large mixing bowl to mix chicken with marinade
Large sauté pan to cook chicken
Large pot to cook rice
Med fry pan
Clean dishtowel
Parchment Paper
2 Small bowls
1 small pot or fry pan
Large serving platter to hold rice and chicken