Portuguese Cataplana Mussels

When living in Cascais Portugal, at the end of each day I would see people gather at the local seaside bars and cafes and snack on clams Cataplana and drink beer.  I quickly joined in, and love the memories I have around the Cataplana.
I brought home a Cataplana dish and we cook Mussels Cataplana regularly as a main meal. 
In the old days, the ‘cataplana’ was used by huntsmen to cook their meals over charcoal fire.  
I realize most people will not be able to head off to Portugal to buy a Cataplana dish!  Don’t worry, I have made this dish in a pot and it is just as good.  Do not add any liquid you will be amazed how much comes from the mussels. 

What To Prep In Advance:

Scrub the mussels to get any bits of dirt off the shell, then trim the beards and rinse them well.  Discard any mussels that have broken shells or are not tightly closed. Set aside in a bowl in the fridge until ready to use.  I will also demonstrate how to clean the mussels in our culinary adventure.

Here is a good site for shellfish food safety

Kitchen Utensils

Portuguese Cataplana or a large pot with a lid.

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