Wing Bean Salad

Recipe featured on In My Kitchen with Paula Podcast Show: 

Eps 8 with Alison Kent:  Thailand Travels and Kitchens in Castles


Shared by Alison Kent from:  The Home Kitchen:

I get excited anytime I see a food I’ve never experienced before, so watching the “nonna’s” make this salad in rural

Thailand was a real treat.

Wing Beans - or Dragon Bean, Princess Bean, etc - are a tropical legume native to SE Asia that I definitely need to get

to know better. Apparently the ENTIRE plant is edible in some form - even the tuber.

While you can likely find Wing Beans at any Asian grocer, you could substitute Green - or any - Beans if necessary.

There are versions with added Chicken, Shrimp, Shredded Coconut etc, but this is as close to how I can recall it, and

how we ate it in Northern Thailand near the border of Laos - in it’s simplest, and I might add likely most delicious, form.



Wing Beans - or Green Beans, Yellow Beans, Asparagus, in slices or bias (angled) cuts

Chopped Shallot and Green Onion

Cilantro - and optional Mint, chopped

Roasted Peanuts


2:1 Lime Juice : Fish Sauce

Fine sliced Thai Chilis

Coconut Water from fresh coconut (to taste)

Palm Sugar (to taste)


Blanche Wing Beans in boiling salted water for 1 minute, then immediately run under cold water or place in ice bath.

Let dry, mix with remaining salad ingredients and toss with dressing. Serve at room temperature.