Best Holiday Gifts for Friends

Experiences will always outweigh ‘things.’ Material items can be pretty or exciting, but in the big picture, experiences with the people we love sparks the most joy. These experiences also turn into the memories that material items are just not capable of creating. Create special memories by giving the  gift of a cooking class with your loved ones. One of the best parts about giving the gift of an experience is that you have the opportunity to spend a little bit of extra quality time with your favourite people this holiday season. With our array of cooking classes offered, such as Greek or Vietnamese dumplings, you can choose a class that interests your friends for that added touch of thoughtfulness. With our cooking classes, you will be able to learn how to cook a handful of new dishes, meet new people online, and hear the stories of our hosts' diverse cultural backgrounds. Ultimately, the experience of an immersive cooking class means laughing, learning, and creating memories over the shared love of food. 

Choose from a scheduled class or book a private. Here are some class ideas:

Give the Gift of Greek  (On-line)

On December 9th, you can cook a delicious Greek meal with your friends near or far. This is the perfect way to start off your December as you can learn new recipes and make memories in the kitchen with your friends, truly capturing the holiday spirit. With our interactive online Greek cooking class, there is also the additional component of an olive oil tasting. The specialty box of five 60mL olive oils and vinegars will be delivered to your doorstep, or buy the class for a friend and we will deliver directly to them. In the class, you will be able to indulge in making tzatziki with garlic infused olive oil, warm chicken and apricot pie, greek salad, and to top it off, warm stewed cherries. With friends around you, you can make memories while learning how to cook this fantastic meal, and be able to recreate the recipes for years to come. For the olive oils and vinegars to be shipped on time and for you to experience the full Greek cooking class, it is important to register by November 28th. Consider giving the gift of a cooking experience, for you and your friends to bond and make memories over. 

Bubbles and Dumplings (On Line)

How could you go wrong with dumplings? As you may love eating dumplings, not many of us have attempted to make dumplings. Speaking from experience, the best way to make dumplings is with friends around you. Making dumplings is really a group experience, full of laughter and learning as we all try to assemble these little bundles of flavour. You can sign up to learn how to create delicious dumplings with friends, or by yourself for the chance to meet others. Our host of the Vietnamese Dumpling class, Raymond, used to make dumplings together with his family in large batches. Then afterwards, his family would freeze the dumplings to cook and consume later. In the Vietnamese Dumplings class, you will not only get to experience the wonders of making these delicious dumplings, but also get to hear stories from Raymond about his experiences of growing up in Vietnam. We encourage you to gather your friends to experience making dumplings together over the holiday season. 

Gift Cards (Online, In Person starting in January!)

Can’t decide which cooking class to give a friend? Purchase a gift card and they can decide what class to take. 

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