Chef GJ's Chicken Curry Dinner

Chef GJ's Chicken Curry Dinner

Learn to make Chef GJ's Grandmother's chicken curry  dinner

What you will learn:

  • Chef GJ will share his family Masala mix (spice mix) 
  • How to cook with Indian Spices, how to store and where to buy
  • How to make Chef GJ's family chicken curry.
  • How to make the traditional Indian "flat bread" Roti
  • Fool proof basmati rice

Get to know Chef GJ, take a journey to Northern India with him. Hear his stories about life in India, and life as a Chef.  An experience that has seen him leading kitchens in the Taj Hotels to cooking with Michelin star Chefs in France.   Chef GJ opens his kitchen (virtual) to you and invites you to cook with him in his home, where we will share stories, culture and food.

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Chicken Curry
This is a tomato based curry, made with chicken pieces from a whole chicken or chicken breasts. Full of aromatic spices including cardamom, turmeric, coriander and cumin.

Using whole wheat Atta flour, you will learn the traditional way to make roti using a Tawa pan and learning to "roll" the roti (Tawa pan is not required, non-stick, cast iron pans work or a regular pan).

Basmati Rice
Basmati rice is a fragrant long grain rice used in Indian cooking.

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