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Let us help your team create conversation, have fun and have meaningful connections through our Persian (Iranian) baking experience.

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We hear you loud and clear, we know your team needs these 3 ingredients right now:

Sharing an experience as interesting as this one, keeps the conversation flowing and curiosity growing.

Hanging out with colleagues in a relaxed environment brings some fun into the work week.

Baking is a great creative outlet, allowing your team to let loose a bit and park their inner critic.

Introducing: Persian Treats, Talk and Tea

This is a unique experience that brings together traditional Iranian baking and the opportunity to be immersed in the culture of Iran and learn more about the history and the people.  

You will learn from IMK Host Leila, who is originally from Rasht, Iran (Northern Iran) and now living in Vancouver, Canada.  Here you will learn about Iranian culture through the lens of food and stories.

Cooking with Leila is not like any other virtual team building experience.  This culinary adventure will affect your team in unexpected ways.  Leila, is a passionate and knowledgeable home cook from Rasht Iran (registered by UNESCO as a city of creative gastronomy). Leila is one of the most gracious and generous people you will have the privilege of meeting.

What Your Team Will Experience:

How To Make "Toot" Cookies

A no-bake, gluten free cookie, shaped to look like little mulberries ("Toot" in Persian). These are traditionally made for Norwuz (Persian New Year).

How To Make Nokhodchi Cookies

A gluten free cookie made with chickpea flour.

Persian Hospitality

Iranians are known for their hospitality and tea is always on and ready to be served. We will make time to share a cup of tea together and enjoy the freshly made treats.

What You Get


Imagine an ingredient kit delivered to your door filled with rosewater, chickpea flour, saffron infused tea, the smells of cardarmom as you open the box. Your team is immediately being transported to a new adventure. Together you gather on line and for 1.5 hours you are whisked away to Rasht, Iran listening to stories, learning traditional recipes and having some friendly competitions.


CEO/Founder Paula Mohammed, moderates the online experience so you can enjoy the experience too. Curating the conversation to ensure everyone is engaged, questions are answered and stories are shared.


"Spice sleuth", participants pull out a spice or ingredient from their pantry that they are not sure what to do with and Leila will provide them with some ideas.

Persian language and culture lesson, a friendly competition to see who picked up the key phrases and etiquette Leila teaches throughout the experience

Story telling, Leila will share her stories of growing up in Rasht and why it was different than other regions of Iran. Leila will talk about her journey from Rasht to Vancouver and of course what life is like behind the kitchen doors in Rasht.

Everything your team needs delivered to their door.

There is something very special about having a little bit of Rasht, Iran dropped off at your door....the kits are the portal to your Persian Baking Experience.

Why You Need To Include Ingredient Kits:

  • Your Team is more likely to participate when they have everything on hand.
  • Your Team won't have to shop and this will save them time.
  • Provides easy access to hard to find ingredients.
  • Ingredients are all ready to go, or as we like to say: "mise en place"

Ingredient kits include:

Almond flour, Powdered sugar, Rose water, Sugar, Cardamom, Chickpea flour, Vegetable Ghee, Pistachio Slivers, Saffron infused tea, Persian rock candy stir sticks

Everything you need is included except 1 egg!



Price per participant is $97 plus shipping. We need three weeks lead time to allow for kit prep and shipping.

All virtual team building experiences take place on Zoom and are 1.5 hours in duration.


Click here to complete our booking sheet. Once a date is confirmed, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold your date.


In My Kitchen does not offer refunds. You can cancel no later than two weeks before your event date, you will receive a full credit less the non-refundable deposit, which you can apply to another culinary experience.

This Is Right For Your Group If.....

From our guests


Thank you Paula & Leila.

The team really enjoyed this experience! It was so well executed and well facilitated.

Brian M
Snr Engagement Manager|Salesforce

Loved the time to bake with everyone and enjoy some sweet tea! That was a lot of fun

Caitlin C

What makes this stand out from cooking classes is the real factor. You are breaking bread and learning about another culture in that family's home

Michelle H
Vancouver, BC

Really enjoyed the Persian cooking. Such amazing flavours that I don¹t findin my everyday cooking. I also really enjoy hearing the stories as I cook.Loved it!

Kathleen H.
Vancouver, BC

This was the perfect way to bring together a group of clients to show my appreciation to them. We live scatterered across B.C, but for a couple of hours it felt like we were visting Leila in Rasht, Iran!

Selena P.
Nanaimo, B.C

Yesterday's culinary journey was fabulous. We LOVED it. I found your presence as a narrator and moderator to be so helpful and valuable.Leila is a wonderful host. For a moment, I could have been somewhere in Rasht last night🙂

Nazmi K.
Vancouver B.C

Paula Mohammed, Founder/CEO In My Kitchen

Hi! I am here to specifically ensure your team is engaged, and having fun. Unlike most online team building experiences, we have a specific role dedicated to ensure every person is having a meaningful experience.

My parents came from very different backgrounds, so I grew up with a rich diversity of cultural influences from Pakistan, Japan, Italy, and New Zealand. In our family kitchen, the different traditions, recipes, and stories mingled together to create meals that were fun, inspiring, and memorable. Inspiring a love of travel and cooking in me. I am still nostalgic for the specialties of my grandmothers and great aunts—everything from curries to shortbread, chow chow to pikelets.

Every recipe is more than just food; it’s a story. I started In My Kitchen so other people could share their stories, traditions, and recipes. Let’s explore new flavours, new dishes, and new cultures. We’ll cook together, eat together, learn together, and create lasting memories together.

Leila, In My Kitchen Host:

When you meet Leila, you will feel you have made a new lifelong friend. Leila's generous hospitality and passion for people and cooking is infectious. There is nothing Leila loves more than introducing her recipes and food to new friends. Get to know Leila:

Where were you born? I was born in Rasht, Iran. Rasht is a very unique area of Iran and is near the Caspian sea.

Can you tell us a little bit about your family? Both of my grand mothers had roots connected to Baku (Capitol of Azerbaijan). I was raised in a mixed food culture, two very strong food cities (Rasht and Tabriz) My grandpa moved from Tabriz (a city at the border of turkey) to my city to start a rice exporting business, later my dad took over the business and I grew up learning what is the best rice and how to cook it.

When and how did you develop your love for cooking? Since I was a little girl, my mom had an older lady who helped her at home, l would always sit next to her in the kitchen, watch her and my mom do all the preparations. My mom is a very patient lady, she would let me cook and bake and make a huge mess.

How do you express your love for cooking and culture? I love to cook and bake it¹s therapeutic for me. I love to mix ingredients and create new recipes, I really enjoy cooking for friends and family it¹s very satisfying for me.

What are some of your favourite ingredients to use? I love to use saffron, we call it the happy spice. Eggplant, I can make endless dishes with eggplant, last but not least RICE!

A Sneak Peek Behind the Kitchen Door:



Yes, we can curate a menu specifically for your group, either with Leila or some of our other hosts. Just send us an email and we would be happy to discuss other options.

Yes! A recipe packet will be emailed to you to share with your team. We recommend people print out or have their recipes nearby so they can take notes if they choose to.

Absolutely, it is your event and we are happy to work with you for what you need.

Both recipes are gluten free and vegetarian. The recipes do not lend themselves to be vegan. If someone is unable to enjoy the treats, the experience is still meaningful and they will enjoy the conversation and stories.

Nothing! We just ask that you make sure your team has the zoom information and recipe packet, we will take care of everything that happens online.

Yes! This is a great experience, for family celebrations when you are spread out geographically, for Scout or Girl Guide groups, to gift to clients, a group of friends etc.

We would love to see you in person! Please indicate on the "book now" form that you are intersted in an in-person event.