Persian Nowruz Feast: In Person

Persian Nowruz Feast: In Person

A special evening celebrating the start of Nowruz (Persian New Year).  An opportunity to be immersed in the culture of Iran and learn more about the history, the people and this significant celebration.

Cooking with Leila

Leila, is a passionate and knowledgeable home cook from Rasht Iran (registered by UNESCO as a city of creative gastronomy). Leila is one of the most gracious and generous people you will have the privilege of meeting.

The Menu

The Nowruz feast involves a lot of food! Family and friends gather around the table and enjoy dishes made with lots of herbs, representing new life and spring. 

Persian cocktail 

Nan-o panir-o sabzi: An appetizer of Bread, Cheese, Nuts and Fresh Herbs.  This dish represents prosperity.

Kuku-sabzi:  An egg and herb dish similar to a frittata.  The eggs and herbs represent fertility and rebirth.

Sabzi polow ba mahi:  Rice with fresh herbs and fish.  The fresh herb rice represents rebirth, fish represent Anahita, one of the angels of water and fertility.


Chai-e zafaran ba nabat: Saffron Tea with Rock Candy, represents light and love

Almond , rose water and cardamom hand pie, represent sweetness and prosperity.

In person experiences are a 3 hour culinary adventure in the Host's home.  Includes a light snack upon arrival, approximately 1.5 hours of "in the kitchen" time, learning the recipes and participating in making the dishes and a full traditional Nowuz dinner shared together.  All recipes are emailed to you before your class.

All experiences are informal, warm and welcoming.  IMK experiences are suitable for families.

Class Level:  All Levels
Class Format:  In person demo with the opportunity to be hands-on

Leila offers a  complimentary Persian cocktail upon arrival and you are welcome to bring your own wine to Leila's culinary adventures.  For insurance purposes we ask that you only bring one bottle per couple or a demi bottle per person.

Location: Leila’s Kitchen is conveniently located next to the sky train station in Coquitlam, a short 40 minute skytrain ride from the heart of Vancouver.  Exact location will be emailed to you.

What you will learn:

  • How to make a traditional Nowruz meal and the meaning behind the dishes.
  • How to celebrate Nowruz immersed in a traditional Persian home
  • Tips on how to cook Persian food from the Persian rice, to saffron brew to an easy and delicious way to cook fish.
  • About the Persian lifestyle, culture, cuisine


Bread, Cheese, Nuts and Fresh Herbs -Nan-o panir-o sabzi.

Herb Kuku - Kuku-sabzi (similar to a frittata)

Rice with Fresh Herbs and Fish - Sabzi polow ba mahi

Saffron Tea with Rock Candy - Chai-e zafaran ba nabat)

Almond , rose water and cardamom hand pie

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