The Podcast

In My Kitchen with Paula

The podcast for culinary adventurers who love to travel, who want to create a deeper connection to the people and places they visit through exploring food and culture.

What Listeners Are Saying...


"A Must-Listen Podcast"

"For anyone interested in immersing themselves into other cultures this series will do just that. I spent Mother’s Day morning listening to this podcast and felt so connected to Leila and Paula through the talk of traditions, community and special times around the kitchen table."

- CAllanFlaser

"Great podcast for foodies who also love to travel"

"Love the insight into traditional foods & cooking from across the globe. Paula finds great interviewees with fascinating stories and really taps into their culture, experiences and, most importantly, their love of cooking and food. A worthwhile listen."

- Ali_b_101

"Awesome Combo!"

"Combines my 2 favourite passions - travel & cooking - in an informative and engaging manner. Highly recommend!"

- Ray07Tar09


"I just listened to the most recent podcast featuring Alison Kent and was super inspired to travel and live with intention! I’m looking forward to checking out more episodes!"

- Poptwothree